Top one Service is one of the best outsourcing support staff, housekeeping, pest control and maintenance Company in Bangladesh. Taking up 9 years experience in providing outsourcing support staff, housekeeping, pest control and maintenance services, the company has developed its unique system of housekeeping with a team of dedicated professional using most modern machinery, equipment and chemical that’s are safe and environment friendly. Our outsource support staffs are skilled and well trained. Newly appointed/joined employees take one week training under the guidance of trainer professional employees, whom are working with us for 3 years or more.

Top one Service is a leading provider of outsourced facilities services with a long-standing reputation as a dependable company. We maintain the human resource standard policy. We offer a full-range of contract and on-demand facility service, housekeeping, pest control and solutions. We strictly maintain the proper dress code and employee safety security.

We serve Aviation, Banks, Multinational offices, Embassies, Airlines, International Hotels, Telecom office, NGO, Airport, High-rise buildings, Industrial plants, Diplomatic areas, Hospitals, and manufacturing clients.

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Monitoring plan by TOP ONE management:

The management of TOP ONE spot visit the site and our management team look after the site and record any complains of work and briefing the personnel how to solve the problem during the working hours in very short time. We record our daily working progress in a register book. The register books contain the both parties signature and have a remarks or suggestion for any complain or working progress opinion. We submitted monthly report at your authority and the monthly report has any outstanding work or pending work or any suggestion of the site to be mentioned. Our management team has a site in-charge, operation manager and Director Operation & Director HR. The site in- charge are liable for the site and he submitted the report to our management team.

The supervisor, outsourcing support staff & housekeeper shall perform the following duties as may be detailed out subsequently:

Monitoring plan by Supervisor:

  • To supervise & monitor the duties of outsourcing support staff, housekeepers & co-ordinate their individual function with the authority management.
  • To be the commander of all outsourcing support staff, housekeepers and order them as necessary.
  • To be responsible for the duties of the outsourcing support staff and housekeepers.
  • To act as mobile patrol.
  • To be checked Lock / unlock all doors & windows of the offices.
  • To keep contact with all outsourcing support staff and housekeepers.
  • Report any irregularity to the office management.


Monitoring plan by Housekeeper/Tea boy.

  • will carry out cleaning work /pot planting  as per specification

  • will carry out extra cleaning when ordered

  • will ensure proper / systematic garbage cleaning at the service area

  • will report any irregularity to the Supervisor

  • will behave politely with all officials.


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