We have well equipped training center where all sorts of basic outsourcing support staff, housekeeping facilities are available and recruited supervisors, support staff & housekeeper not only under go theoretical training but also they go through proper practical training. For this various practical items are placed in the training center i.e. different type of floors, toilet, urinal etc. Under the guideline of TOP ONE TI (Top one Service Training Institute) we have produce a basic training manual and various checklists for housekeeping. An executive and supervisor well trained and TOP ONE TI certified in housekeeping from TOP ONE Singapore organize this training and educate the new housekeeper. We have a full time raining Manager running this center. Before we assign any housekeeper in a site, he/she must complete the following training phases successfully in our training center. After completing successful 7 days of training that includes on and off job training, he/she is assigned to a site:   


DAY 01   Brief about TOP ONE
How to maintain TOP ONE quality
Introduce of cleaning chemicals, tools & equipments
DAY 02   How maintain the cookeries equipments
How to making tea, coffee & distribution
How to maintain the filing system
How to dust control mop
How to mop
How to clean glass
How to clean toilet
How to use vacuum machine
DAY 03   Clean furniture
Floor moping
Dust control mop
Vacuum cleaning
Glass cleaning
DAY 04 - 06   On the job training
DAY 07   Test support staff and housekeeper

Support and maintenance term

  • TOP ONE (Top one Service) will pay the entire employee’s salary in the dated of 07 in each month.
  • We provide total 18 days casual and sick leave to our personnel.
  • All the employee’s salary increment will be awarded to the employees according to their performance.
  • TOP ONE will arrange proper uniform (shirt, pant, shoes, sweater, ID card) for its employees.
  • TOP ONE will provide immediate alternative arrangement in case any manpower fails to report to his duty in time due to sickness or other justified grounds, as to ensure that the performance of duties of the duty performance is not hampered due to absence.
  • As per govt. rules TOP ONE maintains all the religious and govt. holidays for its employees. If clients need service on these holidays from TOP ONE, additional cost would be charge to the clients for its extra effort.
  • Employees benefit will be as per company rules.
  • Annual and medical leave will be entitled for the employees. 

Nature of Activities:     

  • All Type of Electrical new goods supply and setup.
  • ALL Type of AC New goods supply and servicing.
  • All Type of Sanitary New Goods supply and setup.
  • Provide all kind of outsourcing support staff services.
  • Provide all kinds of Housekeeping (Cleaning) services.
  • Provide all type of pest control and rodent control services.
  • Provide day care services.
  • Provide janitorial services.
  • Provide all type of general supply and maintenance services.
  • Provide all type of periodical work as like as carpet shampooing.
  • Provide all type of floor cleaning & polishing.
  • Provide all type of sofa & chair shampooing.
  • Provide all type of inside and outside glass cleaning.
  • Provide all of vertical blind cleaning.
  • New Signboard supply and Fitting
  • All type of Signboard repairing and servicing
  • All Type of Furniture Repairing and setup   


Security Measure

On Security Measure the following steps need to be taken while executing at the premises:
Every personnel of TOP ONE will wear their uniform and hold their respective ID card.
Each and every outsourcing support staff, housekeeper should be checked properly by your security while entering & leaving the premises.
No cleaning personnel can go inside the premises with money or with any valuable things i.e. gold ring, chain etc. They must deposit their money and other belongings to the security before entering the premises and take them back while leaving.

Health, Safety and Environment:

TOP ONE Bangladesh is in business to provide professional cleaning, Outsourcing support staff, pest control and others service to clients in compliance with existing country’s regulation. The way our services are delivered is designed to minimize risk and ensure the safety and protection of our staff, your staff, members of the public, and the immediate and wider environment.

We maintain our quality and standard by using comprehensive auditing systems, placing the highest priority on staff training, and providing the appropriate information, education and supervision to ensure that all our activities are carried out in accordance with established procedures and legal compliance. As a consequence, we are assuring about our services, which is dedicated to the highest levels of health, safety, and quality. We provide market leading Outsourcing/support staff, cleaning services, which enhance performance and protect business, people and the environment.

Employee Benefit/Welfare Scheme:

Festival bonus, hospitality benefit, welfare scheme, group life insurance policies with Progati Life Insurance Limited having full coverage are provided to employees. Third party liability insurance is secured for the clients to compensate damages during performing the outsourcing support staff and housekeeping works. The company provides smartest employee (outsourcing support staff, housekeeper) of the month. Best outsourcing support staff, housekeeper & supervisor of the year certificates and other monitory benefits. Company’s term of employment ensures overtime payments, Holidays, working environment in compliance with existing legal requirements.

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